HPDC Gating Design
Our gating design services will result in the best possible shape, size, and layout of the runner, gates, and overflows within your casting.
Get the best casting the first time - everytime.

What We Do

HPDC gating design services provided by EKK Inc. will save your company time and money all while resulting in a better final casting. We will work closely with you to design a complete gating and overflow system for your casting. Our tried-and-true approach towards gating design overcomes the limitations of traditional gating design techniques to help you be as competitive as possible in today’s global market.

Iterative Design Process

To assure the optimal flow pattern and casting properties are obtained within the final part, we iterate and simulate designs while we progress through the design process.

Simulation Verification

The EKKcapcast software suite is used throughout the design process to ensure the best possible design decisions are being made.

Complete Design

The final runner, gating, and overflow design is provided with a comprehensive report so you can rest assured your tool will only be cut once.

Gating Design Tools

Existing HPDC gating design tools have been consolidated into a comprehensive interface that includes functionality based on industry standards, such as fill time calculation and PQ2 Analysis, as well as powerful tools that provide guidance for developing complete runner and overflow systems for your casting. Suggested shot profiles and various 'reality checks' are also provided.

What It Means For You

Reduce Costs

Improved yields as well as less physical mold alterations and tests results in decreased development time and part costs.

Spend Less Time

Decrease development lead times by quickly iterating your design in the virtual world. Find the best casting before you cut the mold.

Improve Yield

Optimal efficiency and design means better parts with less waste. No more over engineered gating and risers.

Know More

The amount of data collected using EKKcapcast means you'll know more about your casting process then you ever have before.

Find issues

You will be able to find casting problems and inefficiencies before you even cut the mold.

better castings

Get the best casting the first time – every time.