Other Casting Processes
The most flexible casting simulation software on the market.


EKKcapcast simulation software can be used for modeling other casting processes in addition to HPDC, LP, SPM, and Sand castings. EKK's mesh generator can be applied to any casting process. Special functionality exists in the fluid flow, thermal, and porosity softwares that enable modeling of complex processes such as SSM/Thixomolding, Squeeze Casting, Core Blowing, and Investment Casting to name a few.

Semi-Solid Metal / Thixomolding Casting

EKK's fluid flow solver includes a variable viscosity model that will automatically adjust the viscosity of the liquid metal according to temperature. This functionality is especially important for modeling casting processes that are poured at or below liquidus - SSM and Thixomolding. EKK has performed work with a customer to correlate the variable viscosity model to real-life results from short shots of a Magnesium Thixomolded casting.

Investment Casting

In many ways Investment Casting is similar to Sand or SPM castings, and so much of the required functionality for modeling Investment Castings already exists in EKKcapcast. There is one key additional variable required for modeling Investment Castings that most simulation software packages do not include - the radiation view factor. EKKcapcast can calculate the radiation view factor efficiently, enabling accurate and robust modeling of Investment Casting processes.

Other Processes

All of the software components of EKKcapcast have been developed in house at EKK, so we can modify the software to enable it to model essentially any casting process. If you cannot find your casting process on our website, please contact us.