Porosity Prediction
Accurately predict and track microporosity shrinkage and analyze the effects.


The material properties of different alloys are considered in the calculation of shrinkage porosity. Gas and metal pressure changes, cooling rates, and thermal expansion combine with hot-spot data to produce a more accurate and tailored prediction. Mechanical properties are also generated.


Different casting processes and alloys are particularly vulnerable to specific factors such as gravity, hydrogen effects on aluminum castings, expansion of graphite in iron castings, and trapped air quantities as well as intensification pressure in HPDC. EKKcapcast considers all these factors and more when predicting porosity size and location.

3000 PSI

10500 PSI


A single FEM mesh is used for all EKK simulations. Distortion results produced by the Stress software can be combined with the results of the Porosity software to diagnose locations which are likely to experience thermal crack.