Stress & Deformation
Accurately measure and analyze the effects of stress and deformation during casting.

Casting Distortion

Thermal stresses during cooling are modeled so that you can analyze resulting distortions which may cause parts to fall out of tolerance. In conjunction with porosity simulation results, a distortion analysis predicts sites in thin castings at high risk of cracking.

Interference & Gap

Gaps and interference between the casting and metal mold can be predicted and their effects on temperature during cyclic thermal and solidification can be accurately modeled.

Temperature not including Gap

Temperature including Gap

Die Life, Displacement, & Fatigue

The potential life span of metal molds can be evaluated allowing you to make design changes that can increase the life span of the mold before it is even cut.

6-Point Alignment

By constraining the model according to locators, a variety of insights can be gained into stress results beyond simple displacement. This method for the post-processing of stress results is now availbale for users with the Stress Module.